I found out I was pregnant with twins in August of 2003 my whole pregnancy was perfect till I got to 30 weeks and I started going into labor early the doctor put me on Breathen to stop labor I stayed in labor for 9 days on the medicine and finally the labor stopped but my Tristian had already dropped so 2 days later I ended up back in the hospital that time he told the nurses to put me on magnesium sulfate and they did but Tristian’s heart rate was getting low slowly but it was still getting dropping.


Tristian had moved into the birth canal and his twin brother Christian was on top of him and it was putting to much pressure on Tristian with the combination of the medicine and contractions caused an aneurysm to develop in Tristian’s umbilical cord that nobody knew about even though his heartbeat was dropping the doctor told the nurses to send me home and against their  judgements they had to.


I went home still having contractions and did for the next 3 days till I had a follow up appointment when I went in he did a ultrasound and Tristian’s heartbeat was gone. They did an emergency c-section and delivered my boys they worked on Tristian but it was too late he was already gone they were born on April 18, 2003 and on April 22, 2003 we buried our baby boy.

He would be 15 this April.