Special Delivery children’s Book

Special Delivery is a story about different types of newborns, including those babies who live for only a short time. 

FREE for families and non-profit organizations that support  families with at-risk pregnancies and births. We only ask for shipping costs.



“I really think the book you’ve created is the best I have seen so far and could easily be used to help a siblings understand what happened and where their brother/sister is now. Thank you for creating something like this!!”
—Robi Conway, HEART: Helping Empty Arms Recover Together
“I read your book to my 2-year-old daily. I have a 5-month-old I will read it too as well. I tear up every time I come to the last page. Thank you so much for it.”
—NZA, mother
“A few days ago we received our books. One stays with me and my family and the others are being forwarded to other babyloss families we work with. My daughter LOVES the book. She took it to kindergarten and slept with it in her bed for a few nights. Thank you so much for what you do. It is needed.”

—YP, mother/pediatrician