The Folye Triplets

Due on June 27, 2013, the Foyle triplets had different plans and arrived on March 6 at 23 weeks 6 days gestation. Cate Annalise weighed 1 lb 4 oz, Bryn Julianne weighed 1 lb 3 oz & Jack Cunningham weighed 1 lb 9 oz. Sadly, at 5 days of age Jack & Cate went to heaven, nearly exactly an hour apart. They were cradled in their Momma’s arms and prayed over by our pastor.


The promise was made that God willing, we will see them again. March 11, will forever be the saddest day of my life. Bryn, the smallest of the babies, continued to fight for her life. She spent the next 162 traumatic days in the NICU. When her bowel perforated at 3 weeks old requiring emergency surgery, she was given less than 2% chance of survival. She subsequently spent 81 total days on a ventilator, had 3 bowel surgeries and laser eye surgery. She’s been through a lot, but never anything alone. Her mommy sat her bedside, 16-18 hours per day 7 days a week for 5 1/2 months doing “kangaroo care” 6-8 hours a day & Daddy came every day during lunch & after work.

Fast forward to today… the Grace of God, Bryn is a happy, healthy, sassy 2 year old. Other than being petite & her little belly looking like a road map, you would never know the hell she endured her first 6 months of life. She enjoys music class, story hour, play dates, going to the zoo, and playing in the pool. Surprisingly, since she left the NICU, she’s never been sick, had a fever or required an antibiotic. She has caught up to her peers with all of her developmental milestones and is the apple of her mommy & daddy’s eye! We literally watched a miracle take place right in front of our eyes. From less than 2% chance of survival to typical 2 year old. We are blessed to have this sweet girl & her 2 angels; Jack & Cate.

—Denise Foyle