Emma & Violet

On July 10th 2012 my best friend gave birth to her beautiful identical twin girls, they were born sleeping.


After four years of infertility my friend and her husband were elated to learn they were blessed with twins. They were cautious and very aware of the complication with an identical twin pregnancy. She did everything by the book, the girls looked great and were growing like crazy. She went in at 35 weeks with back pain, we were all sure that the babies were ready to make their debut. A few hours later we all got the heart breaking call the both of the girls were gone, no heart beats. Emma and Violet were born via cesarean section 36 hours later. All of our friends and family surrounded my friends with love and support and they held a beautiful memorial service for the twins.

On Easter day 2013 my friends announced that they are again expecting twins! Emma and Violet will have a baby brother and a baby sister in October. I would like to give this book to my friends when the babies are born. Someday when they are ready, they can use the book to help tell the babies about their big sisters in Heaven.