Our first pregnancy was a miscarriage, we had a daughter (now 5); another miscarriage; then found out we were going to have Triplets!


Our trials were all with fertility. I knew that there could be a chance of multiples and we were ok with that but we didn’t think Triplets! After our 3rd baby was visable on the ultrasound, it just seemed like everything went downhill. We were referred to a “high-risk” OBGYN because of triplets. We were so excited to be having 2 boys and 1 girl! Our little boy, Emerson, had an Omphalocele, hole in his heart, and other heart issues. We did all the genetic testing and despite that, everything came back “normal”. They suggested we abort because usually with the Ompahlocele there would be other complications but since the tests came back ok – we were going ahead with this.

The babies were born on March 25, 2012 @ 32 weeks. They were all doing so well and in the NICU – Emerson weighed 2 lbs, 10 oz; Landon was 3 lbs, 10 oz, Sydney was 3 lbs 9 oz. Landon had breathing problems at first but resolved; Landon & Sydney continued to thrive and were in the NICU a total of 55 days. Emerson had his ups and downs but never even thought of death. At day 3 of life, Emerson had surgery to correct his Omphalocele and this was very successful!

He contracted NEC a few weeks later but this also resolved itself as the doctors and nurses caught it instantly. We were waiting to correct his PDA (heart valve) but then things went wrong. The doctors were monitoring him but didn’t seem like his PDA surgery was an emergency and the days in the NICU went by…then they went to “re-evaluate” and looked to have found a possible infection in his heart muscle.

That night he passed was a nightmare…they had to reverse his Omphalocele surgery because he was so bloated with fluid, they just couldn’t keep him stable, and we lost him. Even though it’s over a year later, it’s just not the same. We were never able to bring him home but have such a heart for the NICU, all of the doctors, Nurses, and their Staff. We will never forget our little guy—he will always be in our hearts….