Evan Thomas Hewitt


Early in the morning on November 5, 2012, I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy named Evan Thomas Hewitt. I was 18 weeks 5 days pregnant with him at the time. The cause for Evan’s demise is unknown though my OB suspects I had a placental abruption.


That morning I held Evan in my arms and told him how much I love him and how sorry I was for what had happened. I told him I would have done anything for him. He was beautiful and perfect. He was my first born. My angel.

Three months later, I saw a rainbow while driving home from work. It struck me as strange since it was the middle of winter. A couple months later, I took a pregnancy test and discovered I was pregnant with my rainbow.

I gave birth to a little girl, Lydia Evan Hewitt, on October 22, 2013. She was just as beautiful as her brother. I talk about her big brother to her everyday. How he’s watching over her and smiling at her. How proud he is of her milestones. How he loves and misses her too. I know she’ll have questions one day. She’ll want to know why her brother isn’t here and I know answering that will be difficult. I hope this book will help her understand

—Christine Hewitt